Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Send sleep and exercise

I seem to have developed a darling little facial spasm in the manner of a lunatic just barely restraining themselves from going on a killing spree this morning. It matches the shadows under my eyes and the stricken expression I get when worn down.

I complained bitterly last week that not enough was happening for my liking and the universe immediately provided with an over abundance of activities. Unfortunately the days only have 24 hours in them so eating, exercise and sleep have been brutally cut back to make room for all the things that needed to be done. After nearly a week of this, my little facial twitch (just under my right eye) is politely suggesting I eat a proper meal, go for a run and sleep for longer than 5 hours. 

As ever in this life, achieving balance is the hardest thing. Finding the perfect combination of brilliant nights out, cultural activities, my darling friends and family, my demanding and rewarding job and the more hum-drum concerns of foraging for food, sleeping and exercise and sorting the giant pile of papers I've been avoiding is tricky but rewards itself with more energy and focus, and hopefully the absence of alarming facial twitches.

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